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    Couples and Family Therapy

    Sometimes to address troubles in our most intimate relationships, whether a problem appears to be within an individual, between the couple or within the entire family, getting all family members involved in the therapeutic process result in more effective solutions.

    In couple or marriage counseling, the therapist will begin by meeting with both partners and then spend some time with each individual. In family therapy, the therapist will also begin by meeting with the entire family and then, if appropriate, meet separately with individual family members.

    The goal of the first session is so the therapist can learn about the problem that brought you to therapy, get the thoughts of everyone involved, and observe couple/family dynamics.

    Correspondingly, you expect to get a clear sense of the therapist’s role, the goals of treatment, and a sense of who should attend the sessions and how to deal with information shared among and between family members.

    Over time, you will be able to identify roles and behaviors that contribute to conflicts, identify specific challenges, and explore ways to overcome them.